Thursday, November 13, 2014

giving thanks - decor + cards + recipes for thanksgiving day

these are some thanksgiving ideas that i wanted to share with you all… some of my inspirations for the upcoming holiday. growing up, our traditions for thanksgiving were to get up early and watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade - sitting close to the television… determining our favorite balloons, looking for santa, and beginning to smell the aroma of my mom's cooking. i am fortunate to have a mom who cooks better than any other cooking i have yet to experience- and i am not just saying this because she's my mom - she's known for this in our hometown/extended family. that's over thirty years of delicious meals. and it's not just cooking- the woman can bake as well. just ask our hometown football and baseball team- they still receive sandy's delicious cookies prior to games. my mom was the oldest girl growing up on a farm so there were two choices- go outside and work or stay in and cook. we all know what she decided on - and i am forever grateful. our other family traditions include: our annual wolf family turkey trot through the woods {last year we all received long sleeved t-shirts from my parents, had a shotgun start, and sang the star spangled banner before- followed by a bloody mary bar} … we watch lots of football, hang out with our aunts, uncles, cousin, and grandma {along with a few spontaneous visitors} and play lots of late night games. the next day we usually browse boutiques in a nearby town, talk over coffee, and end the day with a mexican fiesta while watching elf- to kick off the holiday season. 
giving thanks
decor details:
cards i love by shutterfly's line, treat: 

recipe ideas by williams-sonoma:
don't like pumpkin? try this lemon cheesecake

what are your thanksgiving traditions?

any recipes you absolutely love … please share links below!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a 'my favorite things' party

last february, i threw a 'my favorite things' party for my girlfriends 
where we each gathered a gift focused around items we love most
i decided to do it over valentine's day weekend
to express my love and appreciation for friendships 
today i am going to share some of my ideas with you all…
it was a lovely evening spent with wonderful friends
here are some ideas for you:

a lot of my decor items were from various etsy shops; however, i also found some great finds at ikea, world market, and michael's. 
my goal for the event was for it to be inviting, feminine, and hopefully beautiful- 
i wanted it to show my love for each one of them.
some fun straws, rustic candles, baby's breath {$3 from the grocery store}, and vintage cards were a few of the things i decorated the event with. 

the rose gingham napkins were from ikea
food, drinks, and treats: 
{left} my favorite store bought sprinkle sugar cookies and {right} some homemade ruffle cupcakes 
{i am such a lover of ruffled bake goods}
i found the hearts and boho flag toppers on etsy 
here are some lovely ones from manniatitta
the fruit skewers were supposed to represent and symbolize 'cupid's arrow' 
i chopped up about three different colors of fresh carnations
and then applied a small amount of honey {with a small paintbrush} 
to one side of each champagne glass 
and then attached the florals
...when each guest arrived, i greeted them with a glass of bubbly for toasting...

an ombre cake with a tassel topper:
-bird plate from sweetmeas-
easy appetizer recipes that people always love:
a baguette- cut thin
put olive oil and bake for about 15 min 
then spread with goat cheese, fig butter {trader joe's}, prosciutto, and 
top with fresh basil 
the white dip above was a huge hit
esp. with jalapeno chips 
just four ingredients:
1 cup shredded cheese
16 oz sour cream 
1 can original rotel 
1 packet of hidden valley fiesta ranch 
when picking a menu
i decided to make/buy my all time party favorites
to share with all 

 i served wine, champagne, my two favorite beers, and pink raspberry lemonade 
{served in vintage milk glasses from micheal's}:
everyone brought such thoughtfully amazing gifts
the price range was around $30 
i have also seen a similar concept, but where people bring one small item that they love
{maybe around $3-5}
bringing enough for every person who plans to attend
everyone would then have a bag- possibly with a cute tag that says, 'favorite things' 
however, i decided to have everyone bring one larger gift
the amount of items varied per gift 
and then we picked numbers and did an exchange
i loved seeing everyone's favorites!

the gift i gave:
 a wooden necklace, a hobnail candle, and a beautiful mess' amazing book 
{my biggest inspiration/favorite blog ever.}

i wrapped my gift in paper from world market
here is the cute gift that i received- loved- so much: 

some other items that were given:
wine, chocolate, bakeware, an apron, blueberry luna bars, k. cups, candles, headbands, an eco- friendly water bottle, a ceramic egg tray, skinny girl margarita mix, fun socks, soap, a chalkboard frame, cards
and so many other cute items!! 
i hope you enjoyed my suggestions for throwing a 'my favorite things' gathering
always here if you have any questions 
now go ahead --spoil your gals
 show them you love them, relax, and enjoy some time together
*i would love to know...
have you ever attended/thrown a 'my favorite things' party? 
…. any other ideas? i would love to hear-
 please comment below and inspire us all!