Wednesday, July 2, 2014

summer of clean eats and exercise - day one

hi! i plan to share my summer mission - to get healthier and to feel my best- with you!
 i am doing this for many reasons, but most importantly, for my overall health and quality of life. please join me in this mission- i would love to have you! we can motivate each other in the comments section of simply blush and can hold one another accountable! i plan to share my accounts on here throughout july and most of august. 
all are welcome to join! 

meal plan ideas: 

stay tuned for lots of clean eating recipes… 
today's exercises: 

60 min walk 

Cardio Fix and Arms- 21 Day Fix- Beachbody
*if you are interested in this- please let me know! i have a great coach and would love for you to join!

lots of smoothies coming your way… 

i am going to be keeping track of inches, weight, what i am putting into my body, will be exploring vitamins, fun clean recipes, and will be doing a variety of exercises! 

we would share our successes & hardships in this journey together

… are you in?